Home Use Ice Cooling Hair Removal Machine
The Bigger,The More Useful
  • Hair Removal
  • Skin Rejunveation

The Narrower Wavelength The More Safe

IPL hair removal is based on the principle of selective absorption of light. Its effect and safety are directly related to the wavelength.STYLIGHT Home Use Ice Cooling Hair Removal Machine uses the 650-1200nm band gold standard for effective and safe home use hair removal.

The Higher Energy
The More Effective

In order to achieve sufficient energy density in the conditions of large spot and large wavelength, STYLIGHT Home Use Ice Cooling Hair Removal Machine adopts imported double lamp design with more difficult technology and higher cost to achieve a light output energy density MAX 7.5J/cm2.

The Bigger Size
The Much Faster

Under the premise of ensuring large wavelength & high energy density, adopting imported double lamp design, STYLIGHT Home Use Ice Cooling Hair Removal Machine makes the spot size reach an amazing 7.5cm2 size.

Total Shots

The lifespan of STYLIGHT Home Use Ice Cooling Hair Removal Machine is one
year or 300,000 shots. Effective use can reach 500,000 shots.

Treatment Areas

  • Face,lip area
  • Armpit
  • Arm
  • Leg
  • Leg
  • Chest & Back

Treatment Protocol

Quality & Results Guaranteed


  • CCC
  • PSE
  • CE
  • ROHS

Super Silence Design
Less Than 55DB

Technical Specification

Function HR(hair removal) ;
SR(skin rejunveation)
Power Supply AV100-240V ,
Working Mode EXP(Classic Mode) ;
OPT(Fast Mode)
Rated Input Power 150W
Spectra Scope 650-1200nm Total Shots 300,000 shots
Tip Size 7.5cm2 Net Weight 1.6kg
Energy Density 7.5J/cm2(Max) Package Weight 2.4kg
Energy Level 1-3 Machine Size L214mm*W220mm
Frequency Scope 2Hz(Max) Package Size L308mm*W305mm

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