IPL & DPL SHR Hair Removal System
Speically For Painless Hair Removal
  • Medical CE Certified
  • Chinese FDA Registered

DPL (Delicate Pulse Light) is a narrow band wave length that works similarly but more specifically than traditional IPL to target skin tissue & melanin and restrain the growth of hair.This allows the effective treatment energy to be precisely concentrated to achieve better results and less discomfort.

The DPL 700-950nm wavelength is specially selected and used for painless hair removal. Its high absorption to target tissue can reach a similar treatment result like diode laser system and acquire a safe and comfortable of treatment.

Advantages of DPL

  • Safety

    Reduce skin damage and
    reduce the risk of burns

  • High Efficiency

    The spectrum is more purified, and the
    absorption efficiency of the target tissue is higher

  • Comfort

    Low pain and stronger comfort

Features of B680M

  • Approved with medical CE(MDD)
  • Equipped with one IPL and one DPL handpieces which are coated with specific wavelengths specially used for hair removal;
  • Latest lamp-simmering technology guarantees a good and stable for xenon lamp simmering;
  • Super powerful cooling system ensure sapphire crystal chilled enough that make sure a safe and comfortable treatment;
  • Strong charge-discharge system guarantees the energy output of each shot steady;
  • Online upgrading function offers a fast service for upgrading & OEM.

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Technical Specification

Screen: 8 Inch Color Touch Screen
Treatment items: Hair Removal
Handpiece: Two HR handpieces
Light source: Xenon Lamp
Crystal material: Sapphire
Spectrum: 610-1200nm & 700-950nm
Spot size: 50mm×10mm
Working mode: HR/SHR
Frequency: 1-5Hz
Protection against electric shock: I Class,BF Type
Net weight: 50Kgs
Rated input power: 1700VA
Equipment physical dimension: 420mm×450mm×1060mm
Power supply: AC220V±10%,50Hz±1Hz / AC110V±10%,60Hz±1Hz

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