OPT IPL Hair Removal System
Speically For Painless Hair Removal
  • Medical CE Certified

More Handy and Lighter Design

Only 18 Kg Net Weight

Simple & Easy Operation Modes

  • OPT Operation Mode
  • HR Operation ( Max40J/cm2 )

Advantage 01
-10℃ Super Cooling Function

The treatment tip can be cooled at lower than -10℃ and the central area of sapphire crystal can reach at -13℃ or lower.
It can extremely increase the comfort of treatment and deliver more energy without pain.
while getting a better treatment result.

  • Temperature of Sapphire Crystal
  • Temperature of Treatment Tip

Advantage 02

  • Unique Design, Convenient for Fast Motion

    Small and light design of handpiece makes it feel much more easier and convenient for fast motion operation and see the target area clearly

  • 500000 Shots Warranty for Handpiece

    10times effective treatment shots more than traditional IPL system,Extremely guarantee a long lifespanfor Super Hair Removal treatment

Advantage 03

Innovative SimmeringTechnology Ensure 100% Simmering Success

The latest innovative simmering technology is applied in the handpiece, extremly increasing the stability of system and perfectly having solved lots of problems such as defectiveness of power supply, circuit bord,screen and sensors as well as simmering failure.etc.,caused by high voltage.This new innovation makes the simmering process much easier and softer than everbefore.

Technical Specification

Technology: Optimal Pulse Technology
Screen: 10.4inch color touchscreen
Light Guide: Sapphire crystal
Wavelength: 610~1200nm
Spot Size: 50mmx10mm
PowerSupply: 1400W
Energy Output: 90J(Max)
WorkingMode: OPT&HR
PulseFrequency: OPT:1-5Hz;HR;1Hz;
Warranty: One year or 500 , 000 shots
Cooling System: Watercooling technology, Peltier semiconductor cooling
ElectricalRequirement: AV220±10%,50Hz±1Hz/AV110V±10%,
Net Weight: 18Kg
Physical Dimension: 510mmx330mmx250mm;

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