Physique Management Platform

Integrated With Five New Technologies & Installed With Three Handpieces

  • Body Shaping
  • Circumferential Reduction
  • Skin Tightening
  • Wrinkle Removal

Technology No.1
Bipolar RF

The unique bipolar radio frequency heats the subcutaneous tissue, stimulates the contraction of the dermis and
produces new collagen to fill the vacancy of the lost collagen. So it holds up the skin support and restore skin elasticity again.

Technology No.2
Mechanical Roller Massage

The synchronous rolling technology featured with eccentric cylinders and active
motors provides a more effective and comfortable massage result.

Technology No.3
Continuous & Inpulse Vacuum

The intergrated output of vacuum with contiuous and inpulse working modes can
prevent the purpura during the operation.No downtime after the treatment.


Inpulse Vacuum

Technology No.4
Focused Infrared

The matrix of infrared light is focused by convex lens.More powerful and better result.

Technology No.5: EMS

EMS technology stimulates the nerves to make the muscles expand and contract continuously.
Through this extreme training, the muscles can be deeply remodeled and lipolysis can be triggered.

Handpiece No.1
  • Bipolar RF
  • Mechanical Massage
  • Vacuum
  • Infrared
  • EMS
Treatment of parts:


Handpiece No.2
  • Bipolar RF
  • Vacuum
  • Infrared
  • EMS
Applicable parts:


Handpiece No.3
  • Bipolar RF
  • Vacuum
  • Infrared
  • EMS
Applicable parts:


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Super Silence Design
Less Than 55DB

Technical Specification

Vacuum negative
Absolute value 90kPa -25kPa(68.4Hg -19Hg)
Relative value 10kPa -75kPa(7.6Hg -57Hg)
Working Mode 1-8s cyclical working
High-frequency vibration working (0.3s,0.5s)
Radio frequency Power 150W Max
Output way Rollers of Handpiece No.1
Electrode pieces of Handpiece No.2 & No.3
EMS Power 2W Max
Frequency 2-3Hz
Infrared light Power 12W rated of Handpiece No.1
9W rated of Handpiece No.2
Wavelength 850nm
Output Focused by convex lens
Roller Power
4W Max
15RPM rated
Display screen Main machine 10.4 inch touch screen
Handpiece No.1 2.4 inch color display screen
Physical dimension 422mm*547mm*970mm  
Net weight 30Kg  
Electrical requirement AC220V±10%,50Hz/AC110V±10%,60Hz  

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