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Job Description---Foreign Trade Sales Elite

Job Responsibilities:

1.Familiar with foreign trade operation process,more than one year of experience;

2.Use the network platform to develop new foreign customers and maintain old customers and complete the evaluation and management of  customer qualifications;

3.Assist in the implementation of the company's work objectives and work plans for foreign trade business; 

4.Responsible for the entire process of handling customer inquiries & order until shipment delivered and payment received;

5.Develop foreign trade business and expand overseas markets.Responsible for communication and negotiation of export business.


1.College degree or above,international trade, business English and other related majors are preferred;

2.More than 1 year of business work in an international trade enterprise,and relevant work experience in an international trade enterprise of lasers,machinery,and medical equipment is preferred;

3.Familiar with the management process of foreign trade orders,and have a solid basic knowledge of related fields;

4.College English CET-4 and above,proficient in English,excellent listening,speaking,reading and writing skills,strong business awareness and negotiation skills,and strong development ability;

5.Have a strong enterprising spirit and team spirit, work hard and have a strong sense of responsibility.

Company Salary: 

Basic salary + Commission + Yearly reward.The treatment is preferential and can be negotiated face to face.

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