SHR DPL Hair Removal System
Speically For Painless Hair Removal
  • CE Certified

What’s DPL

DPL (Delicate Pulse Light) is a narrow band wavelength that works similarly but more specifically than traditional IPL to target skin tissue & melanin and restrain the growth of hair. This allows the effective treatment energy to be precisely concentrated to achieve better

Special Wavelength of DPL(700-950nm)

Advantages of DPL

  • 1.Higher Absorption: DPL features a specific wavelength that is more purified than traditional IPL wavelength and is close to the diode laser. That can result in a much higher absorption of pulse light to the melanin and other target tissue;
  • 2. Much Safer: The specific wavelength of DPL mainly focuses on the melanin and other target tissue. It can better protect the surrounding normal skin tissue and reduce the risk of skin damage and epidermal burns;

Features of DPL A8-1

  • 1. Equipped with one DPL handpiece which are coated with specific wavelengths specially used for hair removal;
  • 2. Latest lamp-simmering technology guarantees a quite stable and excellent simmering performance for handpiece;
  • 3.Super powerful cooling system ensure sapphire crystal chilled enough that ensures a safe and comfortable treatment;

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Technical Specification

Screen 10.4 Inch Color Touch Screen
Treatment items Hair Removal; Skin Rejuvenation(Optional)
Wavelength 700-950nm;530-1200nm(Optional)
Light source Xenon Lamp
Crystal material Sapphire
Spot size 50mm×10mm
Working mode HR/SHR;SR(Optional)
Frequency 1-5Hz
Protection against electric shock I Class,BF Type
Net weight 34Kgs
Gross weight 54Kgs
Rated input power 1700VA
Equipment physical dimension L350mm*W360mm*H840mm
Package dimension L510mm*W510mm*H980mm
Power supply AC220V±10%,50Hz±1Hz / AC110V±10%,60Hz±1Hz

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