808nm Diode Laser System
Speically For Painless Hair Removal
  • Medical CE Certified

More Handy and Lighter Design

Only 18 Kg Net Weight

Advantage 01
-10℃ Super Chilled Tip

The treatment tip can be chilled at -10℃ and the central area of sapphire can reach at -10℃.
It can extremely increase the comfort of treatment and deliver more energy without pain.

  • Temperature of Sapphire Crystal
  • Temperature of Treatment Tip

Advantage 02
1.5Kg Net Weight,40% Lighter Than The Normal

Small and light design of handpiece makes it feel much more comfortable
and relaxed during treatment.

Advantage 02
1.5Kg Net Weight,40% Lighter Than The Normal

The cutting edge Micro channel technology integrating with the latest
technical AuSn solder bonded lasers ensure a high efficiency of cooling and a long lifespan for laser module

AuSn Solder Bonded Lasers More Reliable
Quality Longer Life Span

Lastest Design of Light Guide in Handpiece
Prevent Condensation Going Inside

Two New Design of Filters Easy for Installing & Replacing

After changing the water,it is well required to 
install the resinic filter and let the water 
circulate for 5 minutes in order to remove the 
ions in water and better protect laser stack.

Demonstration Video

Technical Specification

LCD Screen: 10.4 inch color touch screen
Light Source: Diode laser module (Ansn bonded)
Laser Wavelength: 808nm
Laser Power: 400W(Max),Micro channer
Continuous Woking
Software version: Aesthetic & Medical
Frequency: Aesthetic version,1-8Hz
Medical version,1-10Hz
Warranty: One year or 10,000,000shots
Working Mode: Frequency modulation and pulse modulation
Energy Density: Aesthetic version-HR:40J/cm2;FHR:10J/cm2
Medical version-HR: 80J/cm2;FHR:15J/cm2
Spot Size 12mm x 12mm
Cooling Contacting cooling at -10℃
Electrical Requirement AV220V±10%
Net Weight: 18Kg
Physical Dimension 510mm x 330mm x 250mm

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