Skin Clean&Care System
Help your skin breathe freely
  • Deep Cleaning
  • Blackheads Removal
  • Facial Care
  • Cosmetics Introducing

Technlogy No.1
High-pressure atomizing spray

Different solutions can be filled with differen containers of handle.With high-pressure atomizing spray,
the solution become tiny mocecules that can deeply clean and gvie the supplyment of nutrition for the skin.

Technlogy No.2
Vacuum suction

The latest generation vacuum suction technology can deeply remove blackheads,
whiteheads, acne, dead skin, make-up residue.

Super Silence Design

The sound of flip book


We Less Than


Speak loudly


Technical Specification

Screen type: Full screen
Handpiece type: Vacuum suction & Auqa Spray
Changeable liquid tank: Three
Air supply: Inner air supply
Output of negative pressure: -30KPa ~ -60KPa
Output of positive pressure: 100KPa ~ 300KPa
Diameter of atomized particles: ≤50μm
Spray speed: >250m/s
Rated input power: 450W
Power supply: AV230V±10%,50Hz±1Hz
Net weight: 20Kg
Physical dimension: 525mm x 480mm x 1520mm

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