A New Solution Specially For Eyes & Face

Styleye Main Applications

  • 01
    Remove the redness in eye ball
  • 02
    Remove dark circle around eyes and improve eye pouch
  • 03
    Somoothen fine wrinkles and tighten skin tissue around eyes
  • 04
    Improve facial wrinkle and tighten facial skin
  • 05
    Synergically infuse cosmeceuticals to reach a better result

Styleye Working Mechanism

1、Integrated Output of Mechanical Vibration:
Accelerate blood circulation,relax the muscles of the eyes and clear the lacrimal duct

2、Integrated Output of LED Infrared Light:
Penetrate the epidermis of the eye,heating deep tissues and promoting metabolism.

3、Integrated Output of Eye-oriented Radio Frequency:
The epidermis of the eye is the thinnest part of face.It is important to select targeted frequency of radio frequency for heating the dermis of the eye properly,stimulating the collagen regeneration and smoothening the fine wrinkles of eye part and tightening the skin tissue around eyes.

4、Integrated Output of Eye Cosmeceuticals:
Better use the integrated and enhanced infusion effect of Radio Frequency and mechanical vibration,more quickly and deeply penetrate into the depth of eye areas and more fully play a role of nutrition and nourishment

Styleye Synergic Cosmeceuticals

Golden Partner Doubles Results

How To Add The Solution

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Technical Specification

Technology Type: Vibration, Radio frequency,
Cosmetics Induce, Infrared light;
Vibration Energy: 0-3, Increment is 1
Radio Frequency Energy: 1-3, Increment is 1
Rated Input Power: 30W (Max)
Output Power: 25W (Max)
Wavelength of Infrared Light: 630nms, Intensity is 0.1W
Net Weight: 1.4kg
Gross Weight: 2.4kg
Physical Size: 475mm*390mm*1050mm
Package Size: 575mm*490m*1150mm;

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