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The Celebration of the 20th anniversary of Beijing Anchorfree

Release time : 2023-10-10 16:53Views : 286

During these twenty years of development, Beijing Anchorfree has continuously innovated and is committed to developing and producing high-quality medical beauty equipment and technology, providing high-quality medical beauty solutions for consumers.


Beijing Anchorfree's products cover multiple medical beauty fields, including laser beauty, radio frequency skincare tightening, ultrasonic scalpel, frozen lipolysis, etc. These advanced equipment and technologies are not only widely popular in the domestic market, but also exported overseas, winning the trust and praise of global users.

Meanwhile, Beijing Anchorfree focuses on scientific research innovation and talent cultivation, establishing a professional research and development team, and continuously launching medical beauty products with independent intellectual property rights. The company also collaborates with well-known medical institutions and experts both domestically and internationally to conduct clinical research to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the products.


As a leader in the medical beauty industry, Beijing Anchorfree not only continuously breakthroughs in technology, but also actively participates in industry associations and exhibitions to promote the development and standardization of the industry. The company is also committed to public welfare, giving back to society through donations and volunteer activities.

In the future, Beijing Anchorfree will continue to adhere to innovation and quality, continuously improve product and service levels, and provide users with a better medical beauty experience. At the same time, the company will actively expand the international market, strengthen international cooperation, and achieve broader influence and market share.


On the 20th anniversary of Beijing Anchorfree, let's jointly wish this industry leader greater success and make greater contributions to the development of the medical beauty industry.


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